Travel Membership

Learn About Our Membership Plans

The best way to reconnect with your loved ones is during the holidays, and RGV Membership is perfect for that. It’s a promise to spend time together and learn new things. Through this subscription, you will be able to book potential vacations at today’s rates. For the next few years, pay once and enjoy a wide variety of resorts, destinations, and curated experiences. An RGV Membership means that your loved ones will have a nice time.

Why Connect With Us

Our membership is the best way for you and your family to make magical memories together. Year after year, your holidays at Rossette Grand Vacations are filled with laughter, happiness, and activities so that you can explore, laugh, and develop together.

You can stay at RGV opulent hotel tie-ups all over the world for a fraction of the cost. Hang in a room that is larger and more comfortable. Relax in a floating cottage, a treehouse, a lodge, an igloo, or a tent. Unwind in a pool villa. You may also give your loved ones a holiday as a present to extend your membership. Alternatively, you could surprise them by moving yours to them, allowing them to share all of RGV memberships with them.

Highlights Of Our Travel Membership Plan

  • Premium holidays membership available
  • 6N/7D at 500+ destinations(domestic & international)
  • Diverse indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Rs10000+ discounts on international flights
  • Free movie tickets, flight assistance, attractive holiday packages and other such vouchers for our members.
  • Smooth pickup & drop facilities with nominal charges.