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We offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values.
The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience.

The Radisson Hotel in Agra redefines comfort and is economically efficient as well. The hotel has been stationed strategically so that it stays in close proximity to all

Nestled in the very heart of Colombo, with a mesmerizing view of the city’s dazzling skyline and overlooking the lush Colts Cricket Grounds, ME boasts tranquility all its own. A stylishly modern boutique


Holidays With The Family

In the era of technology what is getting eroded is the old-fashioned family system. Traveling or holidaying with the family is one sure way to ensure being connected and bonded with each other. It is so true that families that holiday together stay together.

Discovering and sharing new experiences together

Who does not have fond memories of new places visited and new discoveries made while traveling as kids with parents?

Re-Discover Each Other

It is really incredible that most of the time even though families stay under one roof, it takes a holiday away from home to discover many unknown traits and facets.

Best Learning Experience For Kids

Kids are exposed to new cultures, languages, cuisines, and much more and become more appreciative and tolerant of different ways of life.

Getting away from Gadgets and Social Media

In the age of the internet, we are all leading virtual lives while reality stares us in the face. One needs to get away from all this and get back to basics and ones’ roots from time to time.

You need to destress, unwind and basically stop thinking about work.

Life is so busy now that we all need time to switch off. Whether that means sitting by a pool or dancing the night away; you need to leave your worries behind you, let off some steam and have a good time on holiday.

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Why Us

Why Rossette Grand Vacations ?

Vacations Make You Happier

It’s no surprise that people are more content when on vacation. What may be surprising is that people who vacation more often are more satisfied with their lives than those who don’t. They also enjoy their jobs more, have better marriages and fewer health problems. The correlation is simple – the more you vacation, the happier you’ll be.

Vacation More Affordably

The average cost to vacation has been climbing steadily to an all-time high for a family of four. Vacation ownership provides a way for your family to vacation more often – and more affordably – for a lifetime. We offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values.

Vacation Your Way

With a Vacation ownership, you have a range of options to vacation as you wish – when you wish. You can exchange worldwide, or you can come back here year after year and choose to exchange after that. Whether you exchange exclusively or come here exclusively, your opportunities are nearly limitless. With floating ownership plans, you can add flexible reservation dates to plan the retreat that’s best for you.